About Aaron the Artist

Aaron The Artist is one of the most talented up and coming cartoonists, illustrators, animators, and graphic designers out. His collection of work crosses multiple genres from comedy to sports to social justice. He is one of the sharpest multimedia artists in the entertainment industry.

Aaron graduated from Westwood College in Atlanta, Georgia, with a Bachelor Degree in 2D Animation and a minor in Graphic Design. He has interned for Disney and the Cartoon Network. In 2015, Aaron also worked at FXX, where he worked as a colorist on 2 episodes of Axe Cop.

For over 10 years, Aaron illustrated and animated for a variety of online and print publications, as well as broadcast networks. He continues to entertain sports, music and pop culture lovers with exceptional animation and illustration posts daily on his social media accounts. He currently animates The Ryan Cameron Chronicles, which can be found on The Ryan Cameron App, as well as Second Date Update, which can be found on the 94.5 Streetz app.

Aaron is currently working on animated projects for businesswoman, Toya Johnson, the Mississippi Teen Health Agency and The Donnell Rawlings Show.

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