K&M Management Consulting

(K&M) is a management and consulting firm specializing in asset management, project financing, program management and career management. K&M helps our clients get to the next level by managing their businesses and careers through the complex landscape of entertainment and media in the 21st century. The partners at  K&M bring over 20 years of experience in the legal, entertainment, finance, and technology industries to provide our clients with the best opportunities to grow their businesses and careers.

Program/Project Management

K&M manages our client's business programs and projects from organizing their programs’/projects’ strategic direction, developing budgets, operating plans, managing teams, managing communication, and reporting status throughout the programs’/projects’ life cycles. 

Career Management

K&M manages the personal careers of our clients by helping to create and facilitate opportunities which build and expand their brand and long term career viability.

Project Financing

K&M secures financing for project development on behalf of our clients. Targeted projects for such financing include film and mobile app development.

Asset Management

K&M manages our client's entertainment assets (music, film, books, digital media, mobile apps, & brands) from acquisition to the creation of multiple channels that drive multiple sustainable revenue streams.

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